Letter to the Editor: Against the Quarry RV Park

My husband and I have recently purchased land on Whitefish Bay Road and have followed the RV Quarry Village issue closely. I am recently retired, and we chose Sturgeon Bay and the area for its natural beauty and quiet atmosphere to build our home. My mother lived and had a business in Egg Harbor and also lived in Sturgeon for a time before she passed.

We are against the RV village for multiple reasons, just a few of which follow.

• We believe it is false that the occupants will be eating out and shopping downtown to the extent hinted at. They will have outdoor and indoor kitchens. They bring everything they need with them for other items.

• Many older folks have dogs and some cats that travel with them in their RVs. They will pass on this park.

• Seven-plus years of noise and dust and all that comes with this construction is very disconcerting to us who are fleeing this very thing by leaving a large city.

• The upcoming generations have no interest in this type of thing at all. They are eco-conscious, and this development is far from doing anything for the environment.

• It is just in the wrong place and should be built somewhere else.

• We believe this is just a ploy to get a residential area installed and nothing more. We question what is “recreational” or “commercial” about an RV village.

• We believe an educational nature center and park would be a better fit for the quarry.

If this development is approved, we will have to decide if our plans will change. It will forever change Bay Shore Drive and Pinney Park, which, ironically, has a sign stating “Harbor of Refuge.” It will no longer be.

Rhonda DeMichele

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin