Letter to the Editor: Allowing ATVs and UTVs on North Duluth Avenue Is Dangerous

North Duluth Avenue is a hilly, narrow, twisting road with poor sight lines, inadequate shoulders, and no sidewalks, footpaths or bike paths. It is part of the Ice Age hiking trail – a national treasure that draws tourists and hikers – and it’s a marked bicycle route. These factors make it totally unsuitable for ATVs and UTVs.

There is no need for ATVs and UTVs to use this street. There is already a trail network in the county for those who want to ride, and those who want access to Bullhead Point or the restaurant/bar already have cars or light trucks to use. The state park cannot be a destination. As the survivor of an accident caused by a drunk driver, I cannot recommend a bar as a destination. For those who like to risk swimming in cold water, there are numerous boat launches around the county that offer access to the ice for a few weeks during the winter.

Unlike cars and light trucks, which have catalytic converters and good mufflers, ATVs and UTVs would add noise pollution and noxious fumes to this or any quiet residential area or business district. There is no reason for ATVs and UTVs to be used within the Sturgeon Bay city limits and very strong reasons of safety and quality of life for them to be banned from use in the city.

Rick and Stella Rogers

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin