Letter to the Editor: An American Tragedy

“Can you believe this is happening, Bruce?” people ask me, publicly and privately. “Every day, new revelations. The chaos, crises and conflicts are unimaginable! What do you think is happening here?”

Wars and battles always have been fought over land and the bounty they can produce to make the elite even richer and more powerful, their vassals even more subservient and dependent.

Is it unreasonable, therefore, to believe that the stakes and the spoils of what we’re seeing today are actually about “grabs” for ownership of more lands and peoples, their produce?

The more we learn, the scarier and more sinister become the unfolding plot, its players, and ultimate purposes.

My opinion – and just my opinion – is that this is a bigger and more complex web of powerful forces working inside and out of the USA to decimate and destroy the country and, ultimately, all such “empires” to benefit a purposeful group of wealthy people and corporate interests. Multi-nationally. On a global scale.

We’re talking about serious business here.

That balance of powers that’s supposed to protect and ensure justice throughout the land? Look closely: The USA has an ignorant and illegitimate president whose tantrums, tirades, tragic profiteering and whore-mongering are causing serious problems. There’s a complicit Congress working behind-the-scenes (while we’re distracted by Trump & Company’s antics) to ensure that the interests and policies of their political patrons and cronies are fulfilled. SCOTUS, that ultimate bastion of hope for freedom and liberty, is being crippled and compromised. And the legitimate media have been turned into an enemy of “the people.”

Meanwhile, daily reports of civil war brewing are gaining traction: a self-fulfilling prophecy? Yes, I do believe that we are in those proverbial “end times.” Just look around you at all the signs.

So, please: Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

Take what’s happening all around you very seriously.

And make plans. Deliberately. Personally and communally.


Bruce H. Joffe, Ph.D.

Lousa, Castelo Branco, Portugal

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