Letter to the Editor: An Appeal to Democrats and Independents

As the first Democratic debates draw closer (June 26 and 27), I think that we can all agree that the overriding goal of the 2020 presidential election is: Make sure that this President is not re-elected.

To help reach that goal, we can also agree that any nominee of the Democratic party would be a world of improvement over the current President. Therefore, before you vote in the primary next year, please allow me to suggest that we focus on the candidates’ abilities to defeat this President. Specifically:

How do they present themselves in the debates? On the stump? Handling the press? Handling any criticism from the President (including the derogatory nickname that is sure to come, if not already)? In town halls? Can you imagine Candidate X on the debate stage with the current President? How well or poorly would you expect that candidate to fare against him? Who would be best able to parry the attack ads with the grainy black and white photos and scary music?

That is what is important. Period. We cannot allow ourselves to be tied in knots over policy or ideological differences. Any nominee from the Democratic party would be fairer, more compassionate, more ethical and more normal than the current holder of the Presidency.

Gary Sedan

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin