Letter to the Editor: An Attack on the American Justice System

To opine that the “deep state” DOJ and FBI have been “weaponized,” for the purpose of investigating and bringing scoundrels to justice, is at once ludicrous and dangerous.

It also conveniently ignores the past weaponization of said agencies, as well as both houses of the federal government – a past that is in the public record and should be in our history textbooks.

From the history of individuals such as Sen. Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover, one can learn much about what actual weaponization looked like and resulted in.

Speaker McCarthy and his minions in the House, and educated fools like Ron DeSantis, rely on the collective ignorance and gullibility of those who are unaware of that history. That is the tragic reality that presents itself to us today.

The undeniable evidence of this situation is the fanatical defense of Trump against the indictment, coupled with crickets from the rest, save for Sen. Mitt Romney.

Fundamentally, the GOP response is an attack on the American justice system that rivals the Republican Party’s collective and years-long attack on the American electoral system.

Mike Serpe
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin