Letter to the Editor: An Impossibility Made Possible

On the anniversary of Walls of Wittenberg’s (WOW) tenth year of creativity and cultural activity, I have comment.

The anniversary is a testament to a group of volunteers and artists doing what very well can be considered an impossibility made possible. To affect a community with art the way this society has managed is no small task. Wittenberg is a very small out-the-way Wisconsin community. For the community, these murals have brought a pride and given it new life through the recognition of their history and tradition. There is so much space the Walls of Wittenberg has made for those who otherwise would have never realized the importance of culture in their lives, or the fact that many have artistic talent. The opportunity to utilize these abilities was being ignored.

A lot of my impressions have grown through years of participation. Painting the first mural at the Homme Home, which grew into an international curiosity due to the book An American Fresco, and the fact of having been created in the discipline of Italian frescoes of past centuries, but with durable materials of our present technology. I also enjoyed having the most unique chance to honor a beloved local family and their business with my second mural “A Tribute to Gus and Ann’s.”

Yes, it is with a bit of disbelief that today I observe the murals that came after my return to Door County, where I often hear the comment “Why don’t they do something like that in Door County?” I kept thinking to myself, “Excellent question!”

A new observation did come to me by having a friend drive me to the event. An accidental visitor, my friend Ryan Moreno, kept commenting on the amazing facility that accommodates an exhibition worthy of any main art city gallery. The elegance of the WOW space defies reality in the center of Americana lifestyle. On top of it, an art park dresses the outside of this center of creative activity. One has to wonder, how such an event did not attract at least the press of surrounding towns and cities or the crowds that the celebration deserved. Hopefully WOW will continue to send a quiet, but powerful message. Many have already become aware and have admired the movement.

Ram A. Rojas

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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