Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Joel Kitchens

Mr. Kitchens: I urge you to do the right and responsible thing in opposing the “special” initiatives drafted by Rep. Vos and State Sen. Fitzgerald suborning the November election results by seeking to curb the incoming Democratic administration of the ability to effectively govern according to their stated goals. The people spoke in November, and it is not for you now, in this lame duck session, to implement chicanery that will keep that vote from bringing change to the way Wisconsin government conducts business. Measures designed to curtail the governor’s authority in making appointments and vetoing legislation will assuredly be challenged in court, if passed, resulting in greater divisiveness and rancor in the state. If bipartisanship means anything to you, as you have repeatedly assured your constituents it does, you will stand and speak out, loudly and clearly for all of Wisconsin to hear, against these devious and cynical legislative proposals.


Mike Orlock

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.   

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