Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to My Councilwoman

You were elected to office in April 2018 and frankly I am very disappointed in your performance. You frequently proclaim you are working for the taxpayers/citizens of the 4th district, but your actions suggest you are working only for the NBDH; Friends of Westside; SBHS group. I offer as evidence the following:

In July 2018 after being on the council less than two months you co-signed a “motion to terminate” the City Administrator. During the next several weeks it became clear that it was an attempt by the newly elected majority, of which you were a member, to flex their will. Better heads prevailed and the city was saved from a likely lawsuit.

Just watching you at start of Council meets you seem to be unprepared. In recent meeting your efforts are clearly focused on the Granary and its return to the West side while more important issues appear to go unaddressed. Readers can go to the city web site where Council meeting are available for viewing and see for themselves how you are focused on Granary issues. The old West Side School sits idle with broken windows on Madison street less than a block from your home. What are you doing about this? Another example is the home on Neenah Avenue, which is under repair, but work has stopped. What are you doing to finish?

During the Maritime Museum PUD discussion, you continued to raise issues including questioning title to the property which would only delay their tower project. FYI, the Museum has been on the waterfront since 1996. Also, these same issues were raised by former Councilwoman Catarozoli the last time the PUD was extended, and no action was taken by that council.

In conclusion it appears to me that you fail to understand the results on the Spring Election. The Candidate of the NBDH, Friends, and SBHS received only 33% of the vote city-wide. In the 4th district which you serve, the vote was also 33%.

Robert Loss 

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin