Letter to the Editor: Another Big Lie

Driving through the county the other day, I saw a red sign proclaiming that to vote for a Republican is to fight for freedom. Really? Do they think we are blind? How can they say that with a straight face? I think they have become so comfortable publicly proclaiming lie after lie that they no longer know what truth is. 

In my opinion, the Republican Party is bending over backward to reduce our freedom to vote. Reducing your freedom. This is the same party that is taking away a woman’s freedom to choose her own health care. Again, reducing your freedoms. This is the party that is willingly reducing your freedom to shop, go to movies, safely send your kids to school, worship or even walk to the grocery store without fear of being shot by an assault rifle. Gone is your freedom from fear.

This is the party that wants to reduce your freedom to read what you want. This is the party that wants to reduce your freedom to access birth control. Now this party is in your bedroom, too.

If you want to vote to preserve American freedoms and not hypocritical lies, vote for Democrats – they vote for us, and that includes you.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin