Letter to the Editor: Another Disconnect

In my opinion, the fatal conceit of liberals is their unwavering belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority. This firm conviction allows them to dismiss any consideration of dissenting opinion. Why bother, they think, when any dissent from the prevailing liberal orthodoxy is morally corrupt or intellectually bankrupt?

A recent letter in these pages talked about “disconnect.” The writer cited two examples of this “lack of or a break in connection, consistency or agreement.” There was the organic farmer with Trump signs on the property and a fine family friend who voted for Trump in 2016. How, she wondered, could an organic farmer support someone who is “doing everything he can to dismantle environmental protections and who denies climate change?” 

I can’t speak for the organic farmer, but I can tell you what I and many other Trump supporters believe: “Environmental protections” is a misnomer. It is draconian environmental regulations that we object to. Many of these regulations are of dubious value when it comes to actual protection of the environment, and there is never a cost/benefit analysis or consideration of the opportunity costs.

As to her family friend, she seems confounded that a Trump supporter can be such a fine man with many wonderful qualities. Trust me on this: They are all around you! I have many friends and family members who are Trump supporters. They are really quite terrific people! 

The writer mentions that her friend’s personality and values remind her much more of the caring man she sees in Joe Biden as opposed to Donald Trump. I can tell you this: There are mountains of evidence available, to even the remotely curious, that might disabuse you of your lofty opinion of Joe Biden. Just because many media sources won’t report certain things, it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. 

I believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent an existential threat to America. I pray that America doesn’t suffer a catastrophic disconnect on Nov. 3.

Steve Baudhuin

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin