Letter to the Editor: Back the Need to Keep Us All Safer: Require Masks

Please help us. Give our businesses the support of county and/or local government to keep their employees and everyone in our community safe. 

Seeing the masses on the street and milling around outside venues is both encouraging and frightening. Some of our businesses – the ones that have the physical space to make it possible – are doing a good job of encouraging physical distance among people. However, most do not have the space to be able to provide adequate physical distancing. 

To the businesses that are actively asking customers to wear face coverings, I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I work at the front desk of a local hotel. I have probably come in contact with at least 100 people during the last several weeks. Exactly four have worn a face covering. 

I have personal knowledge of people who will be arriving from the COVID-19 hot spots of southern Florida and Los Angeles while acknowledging that they are aware of the current status of the area from which they are traveling. People cannot be fenced in to prevent their movement. Businesses need to be open. Our community needs to work.

With that understanding, there is something that can be done to keep us safer. We all know what it is. It is cheap. It is effective. It is unpopular. It is essential to our safety. 

I am asking the County of Door, or at least our courageous leaders of the Town of Liberty Grove, to give our businesses the backup they need to make us all safer – to do something to make it mandatory for everyone to wear face coverings. It can be done. It should be done. 

Sylvann Welcome

Gills Rock, Wisconsin