Letter to the Editor: Baileys Harbor Annual Town Meeting

As I have talked with people from towns and villages throughout northern Door County, I have come to realize that having an Annual Town Meeting is somewhat unique for Baileys Harbor, and is truly a great community event bringing together people that care about their community and their neighbors. We definitely had some big topics on the agenda, including concerns with existing town properties, acquiring new town property and visions for the future of our fire station. I wanted to add a few observations and ideas to what was discussed Tuesday night. As we look to the future, my goals include continuing to improve the Green Site, provide education on the importance of recycling; explore plans and ideas to promote sustainability and to reduce our carbon footprint. This will include exploring the use of solar panels to our municipal buildings. I think it would be great to start with the Toft House, bringing the past, present and future together. During this spring, summer and fall we plan to continue with the Community Garden project, which is located behind the Toft House. Garden planning and organizing will start on the first Saturday in May, 5/4/19 and planting the garden will hopefully start on the first Saturday of June, 6/1/19. All are welcome to participate! Please let me know if you are interested, my contact information is on the Baileys Harbor web site. Together we can make a difference!

Roberta Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.