Letter to the Editor: Be Good Stewards of Our Land

I’ve just read the entirety of the December 2018 Newsletter of the Door County Environmental Council (DCEC). It contains a clear and detailed article about how Door County owners of property (residential, commercial, agricultural) can be effective stewards by their own practices to maintain and improve water quality, both in the great bay and mighty lake, and the groundwater that fills our aquifers and supports wildlife as well as humans.

As well, it contains cogent and detailed comment on decisions by Door County municipalities that affect water quality and land use. I also enjoyed a thought-provoking review of Dan Egan’s recent book, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes.

For those many who care deeply about the environment of Door County, I strongly suggest going to the DCEC website ( to read the Dec. 2018 newsletter.  

In the interest of full disclosure, for many years I was a DCEC board member and also served as president. That was some time ago. Today, I observe from the sidelines – very pleased with the continued commitment and expertise of this group of citizens united to safeguard our precious natural heritage. You could help by becoming a member, in this season of giving.  

Karen Wilson

Juddville, Wis.

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