Letter to the Editor: Beautiful Nature, Good-natured People

We were visiting and enjoying the beauty of Door County – beautiful lakes, bees, birds, butterflies – when our day was marred by locking the keys in the car. 

We were visiting Whitefish Bay State Park. We had just finished a lovely

hike, and I had questions to ask park staff. Thinking the keys were in my

pocket and with the car parked in the shade, I locked the car doors with my elderly dachshund, Badger, inside. Immediately, I realized the error.

Now my question was, where is a locksmith? With help from staff at the nature center, we found DC Auto in Sturgeon Bay, and members of its staff arrived in about half an hour.

It was a struggle to get the car open – automakers don’t want you to get into a locked car – and we set the alarm off about four times. But finally Ken from DC Auto popped the door handle. He and his companion were quick to get to Badger while I searched for the keys. Ken politely declined payment for his efforts.

Not only is Door County beautiful in nature, but based on this experience, we have found its citizens to be very good natured. We are eternally grateful to Ken and his companion – thank you for making our day. 

Catherine Zimmer (and Badger)

St. Paul, Minnesota