Letter to the Editor: Ben Franklin and the Quarry Bluff Proposal

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” 

— Ben Franklin 

There is a lot that I like about Ben Franklin. One is his ability to condense wisdom into an understandable format. I would ask the people of Door County to think about Mr. Franklin’s point when they consider the proposal that is now before the Sevastopol town board, and soon the Door County Board of Supervisors, concerning the application to construct an RV park/village at the Old Stone Quarry adjacent to Pinney Park.

The developers have submitted a conditional use permit that (I believe) claims by using words such as “should not” that a 117-RV park site will not or should only minimally affect local real estate values, that it will be similar to other uses in the area, that a roadside sewage holding tank that will be emptied multiple times per day will not cause noticeable odors or affect the visual harmony of the area, that building structures will keep sound waves within the development, that RVs towing cars and turning onto Bay Shore Drive will not affect vehicular safety, and that the buildings and RVs will contribute to the visual harmony of the area. These claims are just some that are made in the application, but you get the idea.

A group of bicyclists asked me, “Do you realize what you have here?” My point is: Should this proposal pass and we then remember this area as it was – its worth, according to Ben Franklin – it will be too late to do anything about it.

Please contact the planning commission at [email protected], and designate your email for the planning commission; and contact the Door County Board of Supervisors at [email protected] Let them know that you do not want the degradation of the beauty of the area and the danger to the ecology that an RV park could bring. Your opinion is powerful and counts.

Do not wait for our heritage-site well to “run dry.” Please.

Dan Meyvis

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin