Letter to the Editor: Biogas Plant in Kewaunee County?

On Nov. 17, Governor Walker’s appearance and declaration to help Kewaunee County came again in the form of the big industry push for taxpayer monies for both digesters and a biogas plant for our community.

While manure flows most recently from a Luxemburg tap, these technologies are heralded as the silver bullet for Kewaunee, one that is unjustly founded, considering that a number of the mega-farm operations already have digester technologies that have not inhibited their egregious, repetitive contributions to Kewaunee’s pollution and well contamination of 1/3 of the tested wells in the County, poisoned with high nitrates, e-coli – or both.

The Governor did not discuss increased enforcement, an end to voluntary compliance, or an increased role for his dismantled DNR, and his appointed DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, who was in attendance.

The industry excitedly applauded the visit which took place at the Heritage Farm, a site evidently chosen so that celebratory announcements and participants would not be overcome by the toxic emissions of the currently operating digesters, emitting hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, and dangerous VOC’s [volatile organic compounds] into the ambient air surrounding digester operation and those exposed downwind.

Certainly the industries that currently dispose their industrial wastes in northeast Wisconsin hope to further externalize their “industry” waste products used to “stoke” digester and biogas use to our community and its residents.

Many residing around the now industrial farming complexes do not care to bolster the industry’s growth through more taxpayer subsidies and the failed promises of addressing water quality issues – while greatly tainting our already graded “F” air quality in Door and Kewaunee Counties, according to the American Lung Association.

Both Door and Kewaunee County residents need to loudly vocalize their opposition to this taxpayer boondoggle, and the continuing massive regulatory failure, and its continued devastation of the air and water of northeast Wisconsin, and the resulting human health threats, plunging property values, and diminished quality of life issues for disenfranchised community members where we live.

Beautiful northeast Wisconsin is not a “sacrifice zone” for industry – we do not want a Biogas Plant in Northeast Wisconsin!


Nancy Utesch, Kewaunee CARES

Kewaunee, Wis.

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