Letter to the Editor: Caleb Frostman for the Wisconsin Senate

Are you concerned about water quality in Door and Kewanee counties? Air quality? Funding for public schools? The condition of public roads? Access to high-speed internet? Access to mental health professionals who might prevent a school shooting? Health care for opioid addiction? The privatization of prisons? Really affordable health care? Development of alternative energy technologies? If even a couple of these issues seem important to you, vote in the special Wisconsin Senate election on June 12th for Caleb Frostman.   

For the first time in many years, we have a Senate candidate who knows Door County. Born in Green Bay, educated there and at UW-Madison, Caleb worked for several years in the financial sector before becoming Director of Economic Development for the county. If you thought that Democrats were unconcerned with business, think again!  

At a meeting with 40+ people at the Sister Bay Library last week, he came across as someone who will help to solve problems that affect real people. He brings a breath of fresh air to the election.

With Caleb, we might return to the days when we could say “Wisconsin: You’re Among Friends!” There is even the possibility that he could lead a process of renegotiating the Foxconn deal (whose terms no reputable financial institution should have approved).

Here is someone who believes that anyone who works a 40-hour week at the minimum wage has a right to a dignified life in our society. Let’s put him in office and see what he can do for us!

Vote for Caleb on June 12th (early voting begins on June 4th and ends on the 8th).


Estella Lauter

Fish Creek, Wis.

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