Letter to the Editor: Calling All Weed Lovers

I find it hard to believe how many TV ads there are for Roundup, along with very prominent displays in many retail locations. The science is very clear that the herbicide Roundup is a glyphosate, a known health hazard, and has multiple negative impacts on NATURE, which we are all a part of!

I urge everyone to become more informed, and to please stop buying and using these damaging chemicals! We need to promote healthy vegetation and improve plant growth, which sustains all the flora and fauna, and is essential for the regeneration of our planet.

Speaking of weed, a recent poll conducted by Marquette Law School showed that more than 61% of Wisconsin state voters are in support of the legalization of recreational marijuna. Our state legislature can’t even agree on the medical use of marijuna, and here again the scientific evidence is very strong.

The definition of democracy is the rule of the majority. We need to stand up for democracy with our behavior as consumers, with our stewardship to nature, and with our vote.

Roberta Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin