Letter to the Editor: Callout for Ephraim Plan Commission Participation

“If I had known about it.” “If only I had been there.” “So sorry that I missed it.” We’ve all said those words, and for some of us, so many times! Let’s not let that happen to us on Tuesday, July 26. 

The Village of Ephraim Plan Commission has a proposal to consider at that time involving a zoning issue and a PRD (Planned Residential Development). It particularly concerns the residential area of extreme north Ephraim bordering Townline Road. 

The Plan Commission will be supplied with information from the real estate developers and will likely want additional details from these people. The commission will also want to know how residents from the affected area view the developer’s proposal. And that’s where we can be both helpful and informative. 

Attend the Ephraim Plan Commission meeting at 7 pm on July 26 virtually, or better yet, in person at the Village Hall. Be informed; be involved; and be courteous to all.

Dennis and Jennifer Jewell

Ephraim, Wisconsin

Jerry and Janet Gallagher

Ephraim, Wisconsin