Letter to the Editor: Can You Do It?

As a teacher at Gibraltar, I work late into the night and weekends preparing engaging and educational lessons for my students. This is my 32nd year of teaching and the most challenging. I live with anxiety because I want to do the best job reaching my students. Teachers across the country have always worked overtime, and during these times, triple time. 

I challenge any “professional” out there to create a three-and-a-half-hour presentation for an audience using a virtual platform. Let’s see how well you can keep your audience engaged while educating them. I doubt finger-pointing parents have ever done this, yet they can disrespect us on social media and in letters to the editor. 

Teachers will continue to work 12-hour days to create a virtual curriculum that students can learn from. And when the camera is

on, I’ll smile and be “Witte” for my students because I need them to be happy and positive, too. 

But when the camera is off, I’ll sink back into that dark place and pray to God that I don’t think of parents who don’t understand or appreciate us.

Mary Witteborg

Jacksonport, Wisconsin