Letter to the Editor: Cancel Culture at Work

How is it in this nation that people’s lives and businesses can be destroyed just by having a viewpoint contrary to those in power? People being “punished” for not falling in line with the powers that be? Our Bill of Rights and the Constitution – the law of the land – are not being abided by. Our rights are being trampled.

Think about the long-term effect of this, folks. If it doesn’t affect you today, it may tomorrow. How far will this be carried? This is dangerous.

We are greater because of our diversity. Can’t we come together to listen, respectfully debate and heal the divide between us?

My father was injured in WWII. Many thousands more made the ultimate sacrifice fighting in other parts of the world against the very things we are now seeing in this country. How soon we forget.

There’s a saying to the effect of, “I disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death your right to say it.” Boy, have we gotten away from that idea. Now it’s comfort puppies and safe spaces.

There are those who say conservative news outlets need to be censored and silenced. Or we need to be deprogrammed. Lawmakers having complaints filed against them by their counterparts for doing their job. Businesses being destroyed by the social-media mob.

Let’s come together to work out our differences for the love of country and each other. We are so much better than this.

Barbara Daniels

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin