Letter to the Editor: Cancel Entertainment out of Concern for Community Welfare

“Wisconsin Sets Single-Day Record as More Than 2,800 Test Positive for Coronavirus”

As I read this headline on Sept. 26, I asked myself a simple question: “When will we change our minds and collectively try to deal with this pandemic?” It is not going away and will continue to spread relentlessly through schools, churches, restaurants and bars where we do not follow the protocols we all know about.

We are facing three or four more high-traffic weekends on the peninsula as people are lured in part by free entertainment and events at commercial venues throughout the county, even though the villages wisely canceled their community events. 

Is it worth it so that a few owners can make more money while putting the rest of us at risk? Wouldn’t it be a surprising delight if local businesses that have entertainment canceled their entertainment plans in the spirit of unity and concern for the welfare of the community?

Reed Saunders

Fish Creek, Wisconsin