Letter to the Editor: Changes in Voting Laws Would Protect Election Integrity

In Mr. Mike Brodd’s letter recently published in the Pulse [Aug. 20, 2021, issue], he makes an important point but glosses over it. That is: only citizens have the right to vote, not “residents.” There is a very important constitutional distinction. Any permanent change to voting laws needs to require that distinction be adhered to. 

As he goes on to say, “We must stop pretending that politics don’t matter and speak up, or our voices will be forever silenced.” Allowing noncitizens to vote is a major issue and one that both state and federal governments need to face head on. Some of the changes proposed in voting laws may seem like they will be more restrictive on citizens, but in the end, they will increase the integrity of the process. 

In particular, drop boxes were never legal in Wisconsin but were used in the last presidential election as an accommodation. Other states also violated their own voting laws to be accommodating to the voting public during the pandemic. This has now highlighted the need for changes, which are currently being debated. It won’t be easy, and everyone will not agree on the outcome, but something needs to be done.

Dick Pigeon

De Pere, Wisconsin