Letter to the Editor: Conservative Agenda

Recently the conservative network headed by billionaire Charles Koch met behind closed doors to discuss its priorities for the future. This network plans to spend $300 to $400 million to push their conservative agenda for the 2018 election. The 400 attendees had to donate at least $100,000 to participate. Their priorities:

  1. Reform the tax code: They want tax cuts for the billionaires in this network. If the wealthy get tax cuts, how do government programs get paid for? By people like you and me.
  2. Repeal and replace Obamacare: Why is it easier for these conservative billionaires to donate tax deductible money to think tanks like Americans for Prosperity than to pay the taxes that Obamacare requires?
  3. Curb organized labor: No wage increases. What they say goes.
  4. Build support for conservative judicial nominees: These aren’t just Supreme Court justices; they want to install conservative justices in Courts of Appeals and lower courts. So what would happen if an ordinary person files a lawsuit against a major corporation, say for an injury caused by an unhealthy work situation? Which side will the court be on?
  5. Make it easier to fire federal civil service employees: What constitutes a bad employee? No one wants a lazy, underperforming employee to keep his/her job. However, what happens if an employee does a good job but disagrees with a conservative supervisor?
  6. Install Republican Governors: Republican governors who are elected or re-elected in 2018 will be in office when the 2020 census is held. That gives the governors the power to gerrymander.

Don’t think for a minute that these conservative billionaires care about you, me or our country. They will be looking out for their own interests. Ignore the ads their money will be buying. Vote for democrats.


Carol Hoffman

Fish Creek, Wis.


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