Letter to the Editor: Control the Spread of Invasives

I’d like to thank the Door County Highway Department and the employees that cut the brush along Highway 57 between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay. Traveling that section of highway weekly for almost 40 years, I have watched the saplings, bushes and brush multiply, obstructing views when pulling out at intersections, limiting the visibility, and the ability to avoid wildlife. I have also watched the growth overtake the stone fences, the very ones that were saved from removal by the Department of Transportation, a few years ago. 

Most of this growth is invasive olive and honeysuckle. These trimmings last only for a short time and after a few years it’s as bad or worse when it grows back. 

When I was on the County Board a few years ago, I asked if the county, state, and the Door County Invasive species team would consider spraying those areas to eradicate the invasives. This would alleviate some of the maintenance and control the spread, just like what is asked of individual landowners every year. It would seem if the county wants to eliminate invasives, it should also do its part and start in the right-of-ways before it spreads to the private lands. I would ask that this be considered again, but in the meantime, thanks again for a job well done! It’s nice to see the hidden stone fences once again and have a safer highway! 

Steve Sohns

Fish Creek, Wisconsin