Letter to the Editor: Corporations in Control

Gov. Walker’s “divide and conquer” plan is nearly complete with the latest Republican bills to be voted on this week by the one-party ruled Wisconsin legislature.

It is war on the working class, students, the elderly, the environment, poor people and public education. Now add to that any semblance of clean government in Wisconsin!

Soon wealthy donors can spend millions to keep this dictatorship in power and the new state laws will cover up who they are, who they work for and will also hide from public view any criminal activity in our state government.

All the lies of Walker saying he is helping the workers of Wisconsin are now revealed to be the activity of ALEC-controlled lawmakers with the consent and direction of the Koch brothers. Big money in politics and Citizens United are the cause. Corporations want to run our government and they are nearly in total control.

Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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