Letter to the Editor: County Needs Expanded Veterinary Clinic Hours

Dogs may love Door County, as asserted in the March 15-22 Pulse issue, but pet owners from outside Door County should be aware that if they have a dog emergency after regular local veterinary clinic business hours or on weekends, they likely will have to take their pet to an emergency veterinary clinic in Green Bay or Appleton. As many local pet owners probably know, unless you have an established relationship with one of the five (by my count) Door County veterinarian businesses, it can be difficult or impossible getting in to see a vet with your pet on short notice, and maybe not at all when the business is closed. There seems to be no working arrangement between the various clinics to cover off-hours illness or accidents. The situation for pet owners is much like it would be for humans were there no urgent care or emergency room facilities in the county. I would be pleasantly surprised if any of the local veterinarians contradicted my observations.

David Link

Baileys Harbor, Wis.