Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 Is Not Your Biggest Threat

It’s time to cut the bull and confront what most every American should fear. COVID-19 isn’t our biggest threat; far-left Progressives are. Never before have we witnessed such aggression, ferocity, disdain, disrespect and malice.

This is about changing the overall culture of America, starting with our men and women in blue. But it lurches even deeper, into every hardworking American who just wants to make a living or had the tenacity to start her or his own business. Their agenda is to condemn history, rewrite the Constitution and have government control, ultimately silencing your voice.

The last tool in their toolbox is fear. Prejudiced media partners claim peaceful protest versus radical-agenda lawlessness. We watch videos of busted windows, graffiti-painted historical buildings, violence, burning, unprecedented and unpunished vandalism, destruction to personal and federal property, and physical harm – even death – to our law enforcement, innocent bystanders and business owners. Who gets the bill for that destruction? The same people who got the bill for the failed attempts to remove a duly elected and completely disrespected president: you, the taxpayers.

What you should really be afraid of is ideological indoctrination that teaches white children to be ashamed of their own skin. You should fear big-tech censorship, court packing, exacerbated government power, the end of the filibuster, open borders, government-mandated health care (or lack thereof), raising your taxes, and green socialistic measures that will devastate our economy.

It’s time for us all to stand up for the working men and women who fought for and built this great nation. Stand up for your Midwestern values, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, principles and morals. Stand up for law enforcement. Stand up for the sanctity of the privilege to be a citizen of this great land of the free, home of the brave. Stand to preserve history taught to our children. Stand for the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Constitution.

This election is about patriotism and democracy versus socialism. Vote to defend your stance. We’re all accountable. Godspeed.

Mark and Cheryl Miller

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin