Letter to the Editor: Criticizing Greta Shows Trump’s ‘Simple-Minded Immaturity’

President Donald Trump has displayed numerous times actions that disqualify him from being our president. Those include thousands of  lies; rash, impromptu actions that are reversed just hours later; cowardliness as in his draft dodging, immoral actions and subsequent payoffs; and other acts too numerous to mention. 

His latest remarks, however, should convince those who are walking the fence that he is extremely unqualified to be the leader of what was once the world’s greatest power. Those remarks were his bully-like criticism of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl who was recently honored by Time magazine as Person of the Year for sounding the alarm on climate change. His statements such as, “Go to a movie with a friend; chill, Greta, chill” show his simple-minded immaturity.   

It is understandable why Trump would be so quick in his criticism: He has done everything possible to wreck efforts aimed at saving the environment. Greta knows and believes the world’s scientists who warn that we could be past the point of no return in just 30 years. Tax cuts to stimulate the economy and neglecting the environment help the current generation to selfishly prosper but spell disaster for people of Greta’s age.

I don’t know if impeachment and a subsequent trial will work, but if the voters don’t remove Trump from office, I fear that in his last term – if he doesn’t figure out a way to become a permanent monarch – he will really show us his nastiness.

George Krall

La Crosse, Wisconsin