Letter to the Editor: Dark Money Used in Election

This is the charge brought against me by Door County Daily News. The “Dark Money” they’re ranting about is $64.80, a princely sum, donated in ads for the five candidates we supported, $324.00 in total. Door County Daily News complained it was unethical to use Cedar Creek Carpet Inc.’s money legally for ads. I am my corporation and my corporation is me. The corporation pays my salary, I pay my bills. Corporate funds never paid for any ads. I, Ken Mac Donald, personally, paid for all ads, Door County Daily News is lying.

They are the CNN of Door County, “Fake News.” Their M.O. is attack, vilify, then move on, allowing people to believe their aspersions true. Through unfounded accusation, innuendo and nonsensical polls they attempt to destroy a person’s credibility. Look at the piece they are currently running against me on their website. They never retract nor apologize for their errors. I quote “The only way you have freedom of the press is when you own the press.” Many business persons and elected officials have been targeted.

Many residents will not shop in any stores displaying their sign. The stations seem intent on promoting their own narrow views and agenda, protecting their “pets,” defaming others. If a response is made to attacks on their website, you are banned and comments deleted, making a defense impossible. They are the most controversial, divisive force in the county. I encourage them to pack up, leave, and quit polluting our pristine air with their derogatory air waves; or beg WDOR to teach them how a quality radio station is run.

I am proud of the fact that I was able to help clarify the issues and help elect a body of people that I hope can restore the lost financial stability to Sturgeon Bay. I felt it was my civic duty to do so if possible. We’re four million dollars in debt, so they have an imposing job ahead of them. God bless and guide them.

Ken Mac Donald

Cedar Creek Carpet, Inc., Sturgeon Bay, Wis.