Letter to the Editor: Defining the Country Club

The Sept. 4 issue of the Pulse [“Vandalism Heightens Campaign Intensity”] contains quotes by several prominent Republicans, one being Stephanie Soucek, chair of the Republican Party of Door County.

“The Democrats have gone left,” she said, “and the Republicans, as one person told me, are not the ‘country club Republicans’ anymore. It’s more blue-collar.”

I’m not sure what you are trying to imply, Stephanie. Perhaps that more Republicans are thinking like Democrats? I know many Republicans who have crossed over and told me they are voting for Joe Biden. Is it possible you are using some awkward prose to leave us with the

thought that a person or politician can be a Republican, yet still support blue-collar principles? Which, of course, is not possible, particularly in a state where Scott Walker wiped out the bargaining rights of all state employees.

Mike Gallagher contributed to the Pulse article by instructing his Republicans friends to “not to be intimidated or hide from your beliefs,” which include the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps, along with many other common-good government programs that benefit impoverished and middle-class Americans. Gallagher’s political speak and voting record support this contention.

Should we ask Stephanie Soucek if blue-collar Americans need these benefits (health care, Social Security, Medicare) and if so, why they would vote Republican?

The Pulse article also reported on the damage to and theft of GOP and Democratic signage. Maybe we can agree that all signs are ugly and a deterrent from the pristine beauty of Door County and its rustic roads. Perhaps we could have the chairs of both political parties call a truce and request that everybody take their signs down? Think about it! No signs = problem solved.

Ed Hodges

Washington Island, Wisconsin