Letter to the Editor: Democracy Matters!

Indivisible Door County is undertaking a new initiative to clearly and boldly state what we believe are widely held American values. 

Volunteers will hold signs and stand along Door County streets and

highways (reminiscent of Burma Shave signs). These signs will state these values: Protect Voting Rights, Free to Choose, Free to Marry, Keep Medicare, Keep Social Security, Stop Gun Violence, Fair Taxes, Clean Air and Water, Living Wages, Reduce Rx Costs, Affordable Child Care and – to accomplish these values – Vote for Democrats. It is time to speak up for what we believe is important.

The recent Supreme Court decision took away a woman’s right to determine her reproductive future. Today our children and grandchildren will have fewer rights than we had before this horrific decision.

Members of the court have already attacked voting rights, reducing these protections during the past few years. In addition, members of the court have signaled their intention to take away the right of same-sex marriage and contraception. When did the Supreme Court decide it’s time to be in our bedrooms? To decide whom we may love? 

Republicans across the county and here in Wisconsin are banning books, deciding which books we can read. Does this sound like a democracy to you? It’s not! 

Our country’s politicians should not control or restrict our vote, our reading, our health care and especially whom we may love and what we may do with our bodies.

The only way to stop this fascist takeover of our country is to vote for Democrats. If you want to hold up a sign by the side of the road and join Indivisible Door County in efforts to speak up for democracy – to speak up for what we as Americans believe in – please contact me at [email protected] to get involved. It is time to act now! 

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin