Letter to the Editor: Democrats Taking Credit for Republican Accomplishments

In the March 11-18 edition of the Pulse, Mr. Jack Fiedler of Sister Bay was singing the praises of Gov. Evers [“Gov. Evers Has Gotten It Done”], especially regarding financial matters and the effects of a budget surplus. Apparently Mr. Fiedler has a very short memory. 

The original budget proposed by the governor called for a 9.5% increase in spending and $1.6 billion in new tax revenue, the sum of which were projected to put the state of Wisconsin in a budget deficit in both 2022 and 2023 – that is, spending more than we take in. 

It was the Republicans who brought sense to the process and who should get the credit for the positive effects of the surplus, reduction in unemployment and bond-rating improvement. Although Gov. Evers did sign the Republican budget, it was a Republican effort that has produced the results Mr. Fiedler enumerated. 

Even now, the governor is touting his signing this budget in his political ads as a proactive move on his part, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The term that enters my mind is “hypocrisy.” 

Rest assured, the Republican gubernatorial candidates are taking note, and unknowingly, Gov. Evers just gave them loads of ammunition that will be unleashed at an opportune time. Evers’ true colors are shining forth once again.

Dick Pigeon

De Pere, Wisconsin