Letter to the Editor: Development At What Cost?

After riding my bike from the corner of Lampert west on Highway 42/57, over rumble strips located on the edge of the road, I discovered Grant Ave. I traveled north to find the site that was chosen by the developers for a 56-unit apartment complex, and was approved by the Plan Commission on June 21, 2017.

To my dismay, I found no road exiting the development site. I explained during public comment at the July 5, 2017, common council meeting, during my three-minute timeframe, that the proposed planned unit development was an isolated development due to the fact that there was no exit, except the highway entrance. I also explained that it was benefiting not the Sturgeon Bay School District, but neighboring Southern Door. Finally, I urged the council not to make the same mistake in creating a development such as on the north side of Egg Harbor Road that they have not fixed in 15-plus years.

Fast-forward to the July 18, 2017, council meeting, it was brought to the city’s attention, through a Memorandum Agreement between the City of Sturgeon Bay and Wisconsin DOT (permit dated Oct. 15, 2009).

We currently have 40 units, and are allowing 56 more plus 14 townhouses (totaling 110 units). It was stated the tipping point which required a traffic study for the development was 100 units, by Community Development Director, Marty Olejniczak.

Mayor Birmingham stated the city will only benefit by $23,000 of taxes a year from the development of the 56 units. What will it cost the city to develop a 1/3-mile of road, which could include such barriers as condemning and the possible use of eminent domain?

People first. Honor your agreements.


Paul Anschutz

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.




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