Letter to the Editor: Disturbing. Enough.

Another day of 3,000-plus deaths in Wisconsin due to COVID-19. And how many days in a row is that? Disturbing, disheartening, frightening. 

Some of the blame for this trend can be laid right at the feet of our inept Wisconsin government.

The Republicans certainly have blood on their hands with their continued blocking, and their court cases, and their lack of cooperation, and their failure to make efforts to develop some kind of action plan. 

Evers has been ineffective in his failure to show the gumption to flat out tell his supporters and his opposition to end this nonsense and get down to business and start doing something positive in a cooperative and constructive manner.

When will it end? When is the time to say, “Enough!”? When are you going to call your legislators and tell them to get off their partisan duffs and do something in a cooperative and constructive manner? When are you going to take the personal responsibility to help us and help each other bring an end to this childish stuff that is killing us and our families and our friends?

Louis Janda

Town of Clay Banks/Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin