Letter to the Editor: Do Elected Representatives ‘Represent’ Voters?

Some of our elected representatives have lost their way. Many of them no longer listen to their constituents and instead follow the leaders of their party rather than the voters. 

In a recent poll, 80 percent of Wisconsin residents supported common-sense gun laws, including both expanding background checks and the red-flag proposals. In response to such strong support from the public, Gov. Evers did listen to residents of Wisconsin and proposed a special session of the state Legislature to address gun violence in Wisconsin. 

On Nov. 7, Republican lawmakers convened and adjourned Evers’ special session in less than a minute! No discussion, no public input, no hearings, no compromise. Simply nothing! One could say no democracy. It felt like the Republican leaders and their followers in the party simply turned their backs on Wisconsin residents and walked away with little or no concern for their voters or the lives that may be lost to gun violence.

In a gerrymandered state such as Wisconsin, the elections are fixed by the party in control to have successful elections for that party. In a gerrymandered state, the issues that the vast majority of residents want solutions to are ignored. 

It is time for the voters to select their representatives, not the representatives to select their voters. We must have nonpartisan redistricting of our voting districts. We must restore our democracy and get back to listening to the people rather than to special interests. Fair maps are a must for us all!

Currently there are two bills advocating for fair maps – Senate Bill 288 and Assembly Bill 303 – languishing in the Wisconsin Legislature because Republicans will not advance them for hearings or a vote. 

To support these bills, contact André Jacque, state senator, 608.266.9870; and Joel Kitchens, state assemblyman, 608.266.5350. Ask them for their vote, and ask them for their support to have hearings that are open to the public and to work to further movement to a vote. They won’t know your concerns unless you speak up.

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin