Letter to the Editor: Don’t Be Misled!

The negative, misleading radio ads attacking Andre Jacque’s service while in the Wisconsin Assembly, underscore our need for campaign financing reforms. Those ads, used by both parties, are paid for by Political Action Committees (PACs) set up by lobbyists, looking for favors once their candidate of choice is in office.  

The ads are run to thicken the “blue-smog” engulfing America and mask the flaws in the weakest candidate. What they won’t tell you is Andre Jacque served on the Wisconsin Small Business Environmental Council supporting environmental protection legislation, authoring AB 179 and AB 388 on wetlands and brownfield cleanup thereby earning him nearly unanimous support and praise from conservation groups throughout Wisconsin.

Fortunately, most voters live with their heads high above the “Blue-fog,” and they’ll flock to the polls on June 12 and vote Andre Jacque into the Senate.  


Richard Woldt
Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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