Letter to the Editor: Don’t Degrade Character of Egg Harbor with Dollar General

What is happening to Egg Harbor? Dollar General? Shipwrecked trying to pave paradise to put up a parking lot? Or more accurately, a concrete patio with no parking lot? 

My family has been property owners and part-time residents of Egg Harbor since 1960. I have been so disappointed by the “development” happening in Egg Harbor in the recent past. With Shipwrecked Brew Pub, then Hatch Distilling Co., then One Barrel Brewing Company, the Egg Harbor Plan Commission seems to want to make Egg Harbor the binge-drinking destination in a state that already has a dangerous relationship with alcohol. 

Now the town board is actually considering a Dollar General store in Egg Harbor so that some nonlocal developer can get rich selling cheap garbage to Door County residents? It’s not necessary for a county with such a small population to have more than one dollar store in addition to a Walmart. The presence of such a store will only serve to further degrade the character of a once-charming small Wisconsin town.

I lived in Vermont for a while, and while I was there, I saw bumper stickers all over that read, “Don’t Jersey Vermont!” The same sentiment applies here: Don’t “Wisconsin Dells” – which is to say, trash up – Egg Harbor! Or any of Door County for that matter. 

I appeal to the decision-makers in Egg Harbor to protect the integrity of this special place and make choices that are consistent with the will of the people.

Katie St. Henry 

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin