Letter to the Editor: Don’t Forget the Circle of Honor Memorial in Liberty Grove

I enjoyed reading your timely article about veterans’ memorials in Door County [“A Guide to Door County’s Memorials,” May 29, Peninsula Pulse].

Unfortunately, the article overlooked one of the most significant memorials: the Circle of Honor at the Liberty Grove Historical Society museum site in Ellison Bay. The Circle of Honor, which is visible from Highway 42 at the top of the Ellison Bay hill, honors many Liberty Grove veterans from all branches of the military. 

The five pedestals in front of the flagpole honor each branch of service: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Individual bricks tell the story of the people who served, and benches allow visitors an opportunity to reflect on service to the country.

I urge visitors to take the time to view this memorial dedicated to those who served.

Nancy Kurtz

Liberty Grove Historical Society

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin