Letter to the Editor: Door County Parks’ Next Purchase?

Twenty years of visiting lured us. Twenty more years as full-time residents. For 16 years, we have resided on Bay Shore Drive. It’s hard to believe that the Quarry RV Village above Pinney Park is even being discussed! 

We consider the current owners friends. We are not trying to take away their right to profit on land they’ve held for ages. But the quarry should stay as is. It could have a simple visitors’ center (carved into the stone?) to mark the history that this wonder of commerce represents to the community. People from around the world are still using and enjoying the stone that was quarried there.

Consider purchasing the land and adding it to Pinney Park. Hike, photograph, picnic with an incredible sunset from above the water line – not to mention the views from the bay! 

This is an exposed example of the escarpment we are fortunate to live on. Nature is our thing, but once in a while humans do something to nature that people love to visit because it’s amazing, such as Hoover Dam. But leave it alone, and promote its history. Add it to the park, or it will be lost to unnecessary development and clog one of the state’s most beautiful drives. Imagine how the increased traffic and lack of suitable cross roads could spoil a leisurely drive or an important commute on this great coastal road.

We’re happy to lend marketing expertise to help create and promote a jazz festival in that beautiful natural amphitheater to regain some of the quarry-purchase funds. Allow the wise people who bought and built above the quarry to keep the beauty they paid for and enjoy some cool music instead of having an aerial view of a subdivision they never anticipated.

Frankly, we could use a Home Depot or a Kwik Trip more than an RV park. Lots of land is available that is more suited to that purpose. Buy the quarry, make it a park and enjoy it. Don’t develop it!

David B. Cottingham

Sevastopol, Wisconsin