Letter to the Editor: Economy Has Been a Disaster under Trump

Back in March, the Washington Post’s fact-checking staff published a 345-page book documenting 16,000 Donald Trump falsehoods, misleading claims and flat-out lies. Americans should have learned by now that he cannot be trusted about anything, including how well he’s led the country economically.

Data on real gross domestic product (GDP) show that it took Obama nine months to get us out of the Great Recession of 2008-09 and that he then posted the longest continuous expansion in U.S. history. Obama posted 29 quarters of economic growth. Trump had only 12 quarters of growth before GDP started falling in the first quarter of 2020. By the end of his current term in office, Trump will have three quarters of falling GDP in four years, compared to Obama’s two in eight years.

Trump repeats what he wants to be true over and over again, hoping people will eventually think it’s true. His handling of the economy has been just like everything else he’s touched: a disaster.

Allin Walker

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin