Letter to the Editor: Elect Moderates, Not Extremists

In America, most of us lived well this past Christmas. We are not hungry, we have running water, we have a warm place to lie down, we are safe. It all feels good, until we read the news. The political season is painfully everywhere – we hear fascist comments about our blood being poisoned by immigrants and learn the national debt is out of control heading for inevitable disaster. The reflexive reaction is to hide from it all hoping it will all go away. It won’t.

The only way to preserve the good that we have is to become engaged this political season. The division we find in the body politic is our creation. Instead of feeling impotent, let’s do something about it. How?  We need to vote out extremists in all governing bodies and vote in moderates who listen and negotiate with fellow legislators. Actively follow what your elected representatives are saying and how they vote.  If they do not compromise, vote them out. If they speak in hate-filled terms, vote them out. If they project a cult of personality that says we need a strong dictator to solve our problems, vote them out. Vote in moderates who are strong because they listen and negotiate. 

Let us use Democracy to find the middle ground and respect each other again. This can only be done by electing moderates across our governing bodies, and witnessing moderation ourselves. We can heal our divisions by using the tool our founding fathers created for us: voting. Engage now to enlighten your vote next November.

Happy Holidays everyone! May 2024 be a momentous Democratic revival for us all!! Peace.

Patrick Cerra

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin