Letter to the Editor: Eliminate Hateful Rhetoric and Focus on the Issues

When I read the recent letters about the upcoming election, it seems that some people “hate” Trump, based on the language they use. Instead of objectivity and logic, letter writers use hyperbole and make claims that cannot be substantiated. In doing so, they sound an awful lot like Trump himself! Or, for that matter, Joe Biden – who has labeled Trump a racist and in 2012 said that Mitt Romney would put African Americans “back in chains.”

I believe that election decisions should be based on policy and the candidate’s vision for the future. With respect to Trump, I would think that many of his accomplishments during his first term would be supported by Republicans and Democrats. They include a new peace agreement in the Middle East, criminal-justice reform that benefited many African Americans, increased GDP and the lowest unemployment for minorities until COVID-19, funding for Historically Black Colleges and a reduction of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Support for other accomplishments, such as withdrawing from both the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, support for school choice, reducing illegal immigration, and tax cuts are split more along party lines. With respect to Biden, his vision includes the Green New Deal, tax increases and a “Medicare-like” public option for health insurance.

As the election campaign enters the final two months, let us eliminate the hateful rhetoric, focus on the issues and use the civility that Door County is known for when discussing politics. We are all neighbors, whether we vote for Republicans or Democrats. 

Mark Glasser

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin