Letter to the Editor: Excessive Speeds on Bay Shore Drive

We have noticed excessive speeds on Bay Shore Drive (County Road B) well beyond the current 45 mph speed limit. Vehicles are often going 50-60 mph past our home and we know this as we have purchased a speed tracker unit. We have both encountered close calls with speeding vehicles while walking our dog and biking. This road is frequently being used by bikers, joggers, walkers, and there are young children living on this street. We believe these high speeds will lead to an injury, crash or worse, cause a fatality if the speed limit is not lowered.

We support lowering the speed limit to 35 mph, which would be consistent with Bay Shore Drive further south towards Sturgeon Bay and consistent with the speed limit of 35 mph on Monument Point Road and further north on Horseshoe Bay Road. This road has become very vehicle-busy, especially in the summer months, and the high speeds, high number of vehicles and high pedestrian traffic is not a good combination.

Bay Shore Drive (County Road B) should be a peaceful and slower-traffic road, where permanent residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty of Door County without the stress and possibility of a fatality or accident. The higher speed limits should be reserved for the highways. We should all support keeping our roads safe, and lowering the speed limit on Bay Shore Drive is a great first step.

Jay and Sandy Walters
Town of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin