Letter to the Editor: Fact-Checking Reader’s Letter

Just in time for the holidays, some local readers write in to this forum to demonstrate just how brain-damaged they are due to Acute Trump Derangement Syndrome (ATDS). 

For example, a Republican from Egg Harbor writes that Republicans used to be the party of “family values.” He said that he’s changed his mind due to President Trump “separating” immigrant children from their families. Correction: this CBP policy dates back to 2014, when then-President Obama and [then-VP] Biden used cages at the southern border during a “surge” of illegal crossings. No “outcry” from either Democrats or the “fake news” media back then! 

He then blames President Trump for the “trillion-dollar deficit” of tax cuts back in 2017. Never mind the eight years of Obama/Biden, when those two doubled our nation’s debt from $10 [trillion] to $20 trillion.

He goes on to say that President Trump “clearly” broke the law. Really, what law was that? Imagine how berserk the mainstream media would become if there was “one speck” of any truth to that. Three years of nonstop Russia, Russia, Russia, and now Democrats “cry out” Ukraine. Never mind that under Obama/Biden, where this mess started, they sent blankets. Trump sent bullets and bombs to thwart Putin. 

Another reader from Juddville wrote in about the president of Bolivia fleeing that country. Never mind that “Evo” Morales was under investigation for looting the Bolivian treasury before he left. She actually compares that behavior to what she says President Trump will do to America. Where do Democrats come up with this fictional rubbish? 

Now the “Pelosi impeachment” is on hold. No surprise there since there are no facts or evidence/truth to any of that political nonsense. All of this just in time for New Year’s Day. 

Charles Irwin

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin