Letter to the Editor: Fair Maps

Given that we are now in such a politically polarized time in our country, the recent League of Women Voters commentary in the Perspectives column in The Peninsula Pulse (February 22, 2019) makes complete sense to me. The League is calling for redistricting reform in Wisconsin, supporting voting maps drawn by a nonpartisan entity.

The majority of Wisconsinites want nonpartisan redistricting. The latest Marquette Law School poll showed 72 percent of likely voters favor having district maps drawn by an independent commission similar to what was done in Iowa. 41 Wisconsin counties, including Door County, have now passed resolutions asking for nonpartisan redistricting.

I see nonpartisan redistricting as a way to energize our participatory democracy in our state – by making our State Senate and House of Representatives more representative of our state’s political populations. I think better candidates will step forward if they feel they have a fighting chance of winning. Then we can have robust, competitive campaigns, resulting in a state government that represents all Wisconsinites, not just the party that created the gerrymandered voting districts.

There is no excuse for the Wisconsin Legislature and the Governor not to support fair voting districts, drawn by a non-partisan, independent commission. If we value keeping our democracy alive and well, we should call or email Governor Evers and our Door County state Senator André Jacque and our state Representative Joel Kitchens. It’s their job to hear what their constituents feel. We should let them know that we want fair, nonpartisan voting maps in Wisconsin!

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wis.