Letter to the Editor: Farewell, Shopko

I was so very sad to read the article about the closing of ShopKo. Having that sweet little store right in Sister Bay saved me countless trips to Sturgeon Bay for all those little things that you need from time to time. Whether it was OTC medications, hair products, dog food, paper products, a new TV, a vacuum, tennis shoes, T-shirts, fishing gear, games for the grand kids, sheets, blankets, area rugs, you name it, I can’t remember the hundreds of things I’ve purchased here over the years. Beyond that they had a fantastic garden center where I generally spent a fair amount of money every spring. When I think of the tens of thousands of dollars that will be spent just in gasoline costs for people now having to travel down to Sturgeon Bay I want to cry. Not to mention the added pollution that it will cause.

It’s another reminder of how we take things for granted. Remember when the Pioneer Store had to be closed for over a year due to the explosions in Ellison Bay? We were so very thankful that Carol decided to rebuild. This will be a similar awakening to the residents of northern Door County.

Is this another example of Walmart putting the little guy out of business? Maybe we can convert the property into another antique mall. We sure don’t have enough of those.

In the meantime, maybe the trolley company can start making regular runs so that people can carpool…. make that trolley pool.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Lyn Hale

Ellison Bay, Wis.