Letter to the Editor: Feel the Need to Cancel? It’s OK

The number of people searching for “coronavirus appointment cancel” has sharply increased, and it continues to rise, according to Google Trends

Many salons are upping their sanitation practices in order to protect their clients. Many have posted requests that if you’ve been sick, please stay away. Probably a good measure. However, if we’re going to attempt social distancing as our primary control and prevention, we really should give it our best. If you think you can make it without us, cancel. (Trust me, we’ll miss you just as much!)

We do not want to lose money or send clients elsewhere, but in the long run, we will hopefully make the money back; you will trust the integrity of our salon; and perhaps other salons will follow suit. Plus, we’ve got some ideas: We can make lemonade out of our lemons!

We can suggest some tricks for blending color outgrowth. For guys, we can send you videos to keep your hair tidy. Women and girls, we will be happy to share a few tips and tricks on bang trims. 

We believe you will be able to stay safe and pretty until we meet again when the coast is clear. If you would like to purchase anything, some of us have online ordering and could leave the products in labeled bags outside our salons. Door County is an honest place – we’ve got a great community. Also, we can FaceTime or Skype. It may not be the same experience you’ve had before at the salon, but it will be as fun as possible, creative, and most importantly, safe.

I wish for all the salons, spas and nail salons to band together and do this! 

Kari Pudlo

Stylist/Owner, Enchanteau Salon

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin