Letter to the Editor: Feeling Bugged

Has anyone noticed how many fewer bugs we have hanging around? Just sit outside at night, or turn on the porch light, or notice how many fewer bugs are smushed on your windshield, and you may start to wonder. If you’re interested in science and research, you have some awareness of the plight of the insect world. The truth is that our planet is having a severe decline in the insect population.

I hope to think that most of you have at least heard about the decline in honeybees and pollinators, and how their decline impacts food production and agriculture. The population decline is actually occurring with all of the beneficial insects on our planet, yet we continue with initiatives to kill off insects! 

This summer I have seen multiple locations with signs stating that they are killing mosquitos and ticks. I believe these products used for insect control are plant based, and they claim to be safe for humans and pets, but I fear they are killing off many other insects, too. Next there will be a story on the news of other declining species, and other birds and creatures losing their food sources. 

This is just one piece of the complicated environmental concerns we need to care about, and this is why I want to be a part of helping raise our voices to protect this world we love by running as a candidate for the State Assembly, District 1. We need to have people in our legislature who are fully committed to protecting our environment, and I will do everything I can to help! 

Just the other day, my grandsons and I were heading out the front door, and right in front of the door was a spider. I watched them both gently escort the spider out the front door before we made our exit. They get it! My heart was happy. We are all connected in this web of life, and each strand matters.

Thanks to all who are mowing less and allowing our native flora to help support and restore our ecosystem. We can all make things better if we work together!

Roberta Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin