Letter to the Editor: Fire Commission Should Bring In New Leader

It’s interesting to note that the Egg Harbor Fire Department is in disarray, and I believe courtesy of the Joint Fire Commission. A letter to the editor last week highlighted the fact that the person the commission picked as chief, Andy Staats, may not be – and in my opinion, will never be – the leader that the department desperately needs. 

How could the Joint Fire Commission accept Staats’ first major decision to appoint his wife and brother to the number two and three positions, respectively, with the fire department? The answer, in my opinion, is incompetence and minimal, if any, critical, independent thinking by members of the Joint Fire Commission. 

Subsequently, Staats has accepted the leaves of absence or suspended or fired several department members with more than 100 years of combined experience, leaving a huge void in emergency medical and fire response in the Village of Egg Harbor. 

The Joint Fire Commission and the heads of both the Village and Town of Egg of Harbor should face the fact that the wrong people have been disciplined and make the necessary changes to bring a true leader in as fire chief.

Paul Pillat

Ephraim, Wisconsin